Best Platform for Ecommerce

What Are the Best Platforms for Setting Up an E-Commerce Store?

The Most Popular Platforms for E-Commerce are :

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

Each platform has its own benefits and pitfalls. Shopify being the most popular due to its quick and easy setup process combined with "Hi Tech" server management allowing non developers and merchants alike to quickly and easily setup an online store without the endless complications of a self managed platform.

*Ie. Wordpress Hosting Database Errors or Long Term and High Priced Magento Developer Contracts.*

Working with Wordpress ( WooCommerce plugin) or Magento requires hosting a site yourself and having a developer on call to handle any Server based emergencies that stop your store from selling or displaying.

Why Shopify is the Best E-Commerce Platform?

In comparison Shopify's monthly fee is the most headache free way to get up and running and usually your developer will share this point of view. Shopify offers an easy to use all in one E-commerce solution which encourages the initial setup of your store in a relatively low number of clicks. Customization on a front end level can go as far as you need it if working with a serious developer or you can try your hand at the setting up a free theme / paid from the Shopify Theme Store selection and working within the user friendly capabilities of a well designed Theme.

As a developer I am grateful for all the time Shopify has invested into creating this consistent and dependable service for merchants. The key benefit is allowing everybody to focus on their actual job without hours being lost to the "building of the site" which from my experience is a simple website design which gets stopped in its tracks by various issue like Wordpress / Plugin Conflicts or a realization after purchase that theme has some major issue or requires massive work to add a basic site function.

How Dependable is Shopify
*Shopify uses some of the worlds top data centers such as Google & Cloudflare. Essentially what this means in plain English is that your site is being hosted by some of the internet Giants. They say there is power in numbers and clearly we all know how dependable Google and its relatives can be.*

In summary your downtime is normally shared with most of the internet and when it does actually go down for a few short moments nobody will batt an eyelid as Facebook and Google will probably be having the same issue.

How Versatile is Shopify As a Platform?

Shopify have put a lot of time ,money and effort into developing an intuitive platform which allows Merchants to easily manage many aspects of their store including the theme based customizer. This means that

  • A- customization is limited or enhanced based on the theme you or using
  • B- you can keep it simple until you can afford help from a developer or other type of professional.

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